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CITS Global offers advanced business solutions that help clients manage their business efficiently. We offer custom designed solutions according to your business needs and requirements. CITS Global strives to help you overcome all business challenges and take advantage of all business opportunities possible.

The security of your business is extremely important. Any shortfall in security measures can result in considerable loss. To ensure the security of your business at all times we extend to you unprecedented security solutions at an affordable price. We offer you services like:

  • Surveillance System Consulting
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Cameras (Pro-Dom-specialty)
  • Cash register interfaces
  • License plate reading
  • Wiring
  • System support and maintenance

CITS Global has been delivering advanced surveillance solutions since 2006 and our success can be measured from our rapid increase in clients worldwide. We have the privilege to provide surveillance solutions to clients ranking in Fortune 100 companies.

To provide you high quality and foolproof surveillance solutions, we have on board professional top class advisors and engineers who design custom made impeccable surveillance solutions for our clients as per their specifications.

We understand that every client has different camera requirements, angles & dead spots and lighting therefore, we provide you exclusive and unique high quality solutions tailored accordingly.

We strive to provide you advanced security solutions that not just meet your needs but also exceed them.

The benefits of a CITS Surveillance System are unlimited. Our surveillance solutions allow you to easily monitor multiple locations and keep track of every activity happening in your organization with no geographical constraints.

Another benefit of a surveillance system by CITS Global is that you can keep an eye on employee productivity and find out who is doing what.

It also allows you to secure your organization from incurring theft, especially retail stores and banks that are open 24x7.

Furthermore, our other services include services like the cash register interface is designed to help clients manage their business cash related activities efficiently and license plate reading service is designed to improve organizational security. At CITS Global, your business security is our number 1 priority!

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